Hello, fellow maker of games. We are Playmake: our flagship game, Murder Party, is the best hidden-role game on Roblox. 3.5M players a month can’t be wrong!

We think 3D casual will be the next wave of interesting games to make. They’re uniquely 3D, multiplayer, and accessible to a wide audience.

We work in a highly visual, prototype-centric way. We believe that this method is the best way for a remote, async team to communicate and iterate, and that having a shared vision of a prototype helps get us to the fun the fastest. Everyone on the team (engineers, artists, UX) contributes to making visual prototypes, either in a tool like Figma, or directly in-engine. We’re not looking for programmers who simply want to implement specs all day – we’re looking for people who want to work collaboratively to design features from end to end as an equal participant in the design conversation. Sounds awesome, right?

Underpinning our success at Playmake is mutual respect. We don’t believe in insane working hours; your output is what matters, not the time spent. We have team members on four continents (the only requirement is three hours of overlap with PST), who self-prioritize to get their work done; you won’t find scrum, agile, or micromanagement here.

You do need:

  • 4 years of experience programming commercially-released games,
  • With experience in free-to-play,
  • And the ability to implement moment-to-moment gameplay and architect large gameplay systems

Good programmers can figure out new languages and platforms, so don’t worry if you’re not an expert in Lua or Roblox yet.

If most or all of this sounds good, what are you waiting for? Hit that apply button!