Do you want to join a company that tripled its playerbase last year, and help us keep that growth rate going?

Do you want to help grow a game that already has best-in-platform retention, so players you bring in the door are likely to stick around for good?

Are you excited about doing UA work on a rapidly-emerging platform? Do you like low-hanging fruit, a.k.a. fresh UA channels no one else has yet tried to optimize?

If so, you should join Playmake as our first User Acquisition Manager.

The person we're looking for

You’re a professional user acquisition manager. You have:

  • A strong grasp of UA math: CAC, LTV, and their relationship should be second nature. You should know the most about how to model and analyze cohort value of anyone you know.
  • Experience with a wide variety of high-volume, repeatable UA channels, such as multiple different ad networks and/or influencer-automation platforms.
  • The ability to quickly explore the potential of new UA channels for consumer apps, and just as important, how to quickly declare them viable or non-viable. Consumer experience is required; experience with games specifically is not.
  • The ability to manage proven UA channels, optimizing performance of channels that show early promise.

No previous experience with Roblox is required; we expect most applicants to have none!

Who are we?

Playmake is dedicated to making the best games on Roblox.

Our mission is to learn, better than anyone else, what this emerging audience wants. The best games in this new world – uniquely 3D, multiplayer, and casual – are just waiting to be discovered.

We’re growing fast. Our flagship game, Murder Party, is played by 3.5 million players a month; we more than tripled our playerbase in the past 12 months.

We decentralize decision-making as much as possible, giving individual team members latitude to prioritize, design, and implement their own projects.

We are fully remote, with team members on 4 continents. You can work from anywhere with an Internet connection.